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Why Aren't There More Female Rappers?

Having an orgasm multiple times is something some women are capable of doing, and in some cases men as well, but that's a whole different topic right there. A lot of tattooists report that when musicians, especially hip-hop artists get tattoos, there is usually an influx of clients wanting that particular popularity of lower back and stomach placement of tattoos suggests that most women still don't want their tattoos to be too noticeable and also a desire for a more sexual placement of the tattoo.
The Please Me” hitmaker was handed the prestigious accolade at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 20, 209, and the 26-year-old hip-hop star used her acceptance speech to talk about how it has taken her team and her loved ones to commend her on her work ethic and chart success to make her realize how well she's doing.

They brought hip hop further into the mainstream, popularizing the hip-hop band” (along with The Roots ). Their combination of live rap instrumentation, rhyming and singing lumped them into the dubious category of Alternative hip hop, yet the trio flourished.
She was lauded by influential MCs, reached the semi-final of the Russian TV show Battle for Respect (where she competed against male rappers), and carved out a niche as one of the hardest-touring musicians of the late 2000s, all without the backing of a label, producer, or manager — and despite all this, her detractors still insist that she wouldn't have gotten anywhere without the help of her boyfriend.

Lady Antebellum went home with four Awards including "Record of the Year," Lady Gaga went home with two Awards including "Best Female Pop Performance," and Eminem went home with two Awards including "Best Rap Album." Other winners on the night were Usher "Best Male R&B Performance," Fantasia "Best Female R&B Performance," Rihanna "Best Dance Recording," Bruno Mars "Best Male Pop Performance," Muse "Best Rock Album" and many others.
It's been three years since this highly-focused rapper burst onto the scene with her Juno Award-winning album Die Every Day (she became the first female artist to win an MMVA for best hip-hop video for Picasso Leaning) but Tasha Schuman hasn't slowed her roll since.
One of the only other female rappers in Native Tongues, Monie Love and Queen Latifah struck up a fast friendship after Latifah and Native Tongues travelled to the UK, where, at a show, they met the British rapper, who had been making noise in the underground scene there for years.

Her lyrical prowess and 'around-the-way girl' style called forth collaborations most rising rappers could only dream of. After overcoming personal and professional obstacles since the release of her debut album ,"Girl Interrupted," Ms. Jade readies a project which finds her at her most comfortable and honest.
The 20 women that I have featured in this article are courageously shifting the paradigm of a male-dominated hip-hip world to a more balanced state and are brewing up fresh compositions drawing from elements of J-Pop, hip-hop, jazz, EDM, and traditional Japanese folk music.
Nicki is the queen of rap for sure, she paved her own way and she paved the way for all these new female rappers, if you take a look at nicki's career you will see how much great things she achieved from hard work in her career not to forget that she is one of the most lyrical rappers and one of the best song writers in the music industry, the people who hate on her clearly don't really know her, did you ever tried to see how humble and kind person she is and if you say that she only rap about sex and money then you should listen to songs like fly, freedom, ganja born, all things go, pillz n potions, moment for life, chun li, dear old nicki and a lot of other songs with big meaning.
Four years later, after she also solidified herself as the biggest female rap act ever with an ardent mix of NYC grit rap and fun, digestible blockbuster pop tunes ( sorry Rosenberg ), Nicki Minaj released her third studio The Pinkprint absolving the character conceived during her Pink Friday” era by therapeutically leaving the grandiose costumes, colorful wigs, and out-of-this-world personality behind.

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