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Gaming has seen one of the largest and most rapid revolutions over the past decade. Twitch have announced on Twitter that there is a another Fortnite Drop for players who watch at least 30 minutes of the Twitch Rivals Supergames Finals on April 22nd, starting at 5pm PT. In order for you to receive these rewards, you must first link your Twitch and Epic Games account, which you can do so by clicking here You must ensure you have linked the accounts before you start watching as you will not be awarded these cosmetics after the Finals.
Though Blevins isn't shy about being married, and his more than 10 million subscribers include people of every gender identity, the internet's love of gossip has convinced the Twitch star not to invite women to participate in his Fortnite Battle Royale livestreams.

Conversely, while Epic Games' Fortnite held onto its spot as the No. 1 game among streaming audiences, it suffered an overall 20 percent drop in hours watched in Q3. This follows an overall trend for Fortnite in 2019, where both its audience and the number of streamers playing it have progressively declined from its height in Q2 2018.
Applicants for the Twitch Partner Program are considered on a case-by-case basis, with a focus on average concurrent viewership figures and a regular broadcasting schedule They also need to complete the ‘Path to Partner' achievement, which involves streaming for 25 hours over 12 unique days over a 30-day period, during which their viewership must average 75.

Like other publishers that grapple with the costs of making making video, Inverse is looking for ways to repurpose video that it makes for a given channel, so each episode of SquadUp!” will be edited down into a 15-minute clip that will then be posted on Inverse's site and on YouTube.
And by August 2014, Twitch had become an Amazon property, with just short of $1 billion changing hands in its acquisition of the streaming platform, which was now up to 55 million monthly active users, and accounting for 1.8% of peak internet traffic - behind only Netflix, Apple, and Google.

August's well-publicized exclusivity deal with Richard Ninja” Blevins didn't create more than a blip in the overall audience for Mixer (with 40-plus million hours watched in August), but had a huge impact” in overall brand visibility thanks to the media coverage of the deal, the report noted.
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins records an announcement that he will be attending and competing at an esports event in Las Vegas, in front of his framed silver play button, an award given to YouTubers with over 100k subscribers, and a case of Bud Light, his most recent sponsor.

There's plenty of other info to glean from the State of the Stream 2019 report, such as the growth of Mixer and Facebook Gaming through 2019 and the breakout new IPs like Apex Legends that made their mark on the streaming charts, so be sure to check out the full report for more info on this year in Twitch.

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