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THE BEST Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt In Melbourne, FL

We have the traditional banana split or we offer it with your choice of any three ice creams and toppings. Give yourself a little treat of your favorite ice cream with chocolate or multicolored sprinkles and a maraschino cherry to top it off. A lovable dessert, the Hug Me the Bear cake features layers of ice cream separated by a layer of chocolate crunchies, covered with another layer of chocolate crunchies and topped with red and white whipped frosting.
Made with your choice of premium fresh-made vanilla or chocolate ice cream, topped off with chocolate, white chocolate or cherry coating, and served on a stick. Everyone will feel merry when they taste freshly made premium ice cream separated by a layer of chocolate crunchies.

With your favorite ice cream, a choice of topping, whipped cream and cherry, it's the perfect pleasure, especially on BOGO Wednesdays. Cold Stone Creamery is located approximately 29 miles from Melbourne Beach. So bring home two layers of freshly made ice cream with a middle layer of chocolate crunchies.
Tcby is located approximately 23 miles from Melbourne Beach. It's all covered with luscious fudge, handmade whipped frosting and surrounded with our famous chocolate crunchies. Tuttie Fruttie Ice Cream Cafe is located approximately 28 miles from Melbourne Beach.

Cold Stone Creamery is located approximately 23 miles from Melbourne Beach. Dairy Queen is located approximately 22 miles from Melbourne Beach. 2 sugar, chocolate chip, chocolate or peanut butter cookies with choice of ice cream flavor center. It's not a celebration without two layers of Carvel's freshly made ice cream, with a center layer of chocolate crunchies.
BizQuest has more Ice Cream Shop, Parlor in Melbourne, FL for sale listings than any other source. Make their hearts melt with layers of freshly made, premium ice cream, a layer of crunchies and Valentine's red whipped frosting. With a topping of whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, it's the ultimate cookies and cream treat.
Two scoops of your choice of flavor ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry. We love all things 80s, and long-serving local hero, Casa Del Gelato , has been wraps bringing old-school ice cream to the cool kids since 1980. For Your Special Occasions, we hand craft Ice Cream cakes with your favorite ice cream and topping inside.

We offer over 40 flavors of premium award winning ice cream and authentic ny italian ice. Coffee lovers should pick up this combination of coffee toffee ice cream, layered with chocolate crunchies, coated in chocolate fudge and rolled in pieces of Heath® Bar. Friendly's Ice Cream Shop is located approximately 9 miles from Melbourne Beach.

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