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The 10 Best Peruvian Amazon Tours 2019

Peru is a South American country that has a diverse geographical terrain. After breakfast at the lodge we continue our trip in our private car to the fluvial port of Atalaya, from there we start our trip in a motorized boat through the Madre de Dios River to the Natural hot springs and then to the next lodge, the trip will be for 4 to 5 hours by boat, on the way we can see many species of birds such as herons, macaws, toucans, kingfishers, etc.
On your motorboat tour of Lake Titicaca, you'll visit Taquile Island, where you'll see how the local people integrate their Inca and Spanish past, and the amazon tours peru Uros Floating Islands, where you'll learn how the Uros Indians construct their islands, homes, and boats from totora reed, a centuries-old practice.
Overall: Tambopata gets our pick as the best "all-round" jungle option in Peru, in general offering the best overall value in terms of ease of access, standards of accommodation, and opportunities to observe wildlife and experience the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

The international companies operate in the Manu Reserve with their own land and river transportation and have their own land and lodges that leave no income for the communities and indigenous peoples who for years and centuries have kept this reserve in their natural habitat.
Enjoy a free morning in Cusco and then, at approximately 1:10 PM, we will pick you up at the hotel and begin our city tour, starting with the Cathedral of Cusco, that houses in its walls artistic treasures of incalculable value, and which is considered by many the most beautiful in South America.

I wanted to be super deep in the jungle rather than along the outskirts and therefore headed to the lowland jungle with my BMTM Adventures group, and I flew into Iquitos first (which I don't recommend staying in - it's a city) before taking a boat further into the forest to the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Regional Conservation Area.
From the comfort of the tourist lodges, amazon animals in Manu or Iquitos to exciting amazon river trips around Puerto Maldonado, in this place you can experience firsthand the wildlife of the rainforest more easily than in any other country in the edge of the Amazon.
This day after breakfast we start our hike to a beautiful primary forest with our daily backpack carrying mineral water, snacks, lunch and our travel equipment such as camera, binoculars, telescope and machete, to explore the jungle to see birds like: Blue and Yellow macaw, Red and Green macaw, Scarlet macaws, toucans, woodpeckers, eagles, antbirds, hummingbirds, tanagers, etc.

The other advantage is that Peru provides a wonderful opportunity to visit the jungle as part of a wider holiday throughout the country, so visits to the jungle can be added to tours of Machu Picchu, or treks in the Andes, all within one short holiday.
This is our best and common tours, but if you are looking for more adventure and different tours, we also do custom tours such us: visit the famous Chuncho Clay Lick, Fishing tours, Full camping adventure, journey from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado in private car, round trip.

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