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Taiwan Souvenir Special Exhibition

Taiwan's oldest bikeway—the Guanshan Bicycle Trail—is located here, and other cycling routes can be enjoyed in Longtian Village(Luye Township), Chishang, Taitung City, and coastal areas, all while cyclists are surrounded by fairytale-like scenic beauty. Jiufen street : once abandoned after the mountain to dig gold, for the movie "City of Sadness" and once again flourishing, becoming the longest one of Taiwan's most lively streets, a variety of souvenirs, souvenirs and snacks, attract large numbers of tourists up the mountain shopping Do not miss the famous snack - taro round nine.
The southern reaches of Taitung County on the East Coast is a region of high-mountain backdrops, flatlands carpeted with paddy fields, Pacific 台東 伴手禮 2020 Ocean views, palm trees, and gently curving highways that are much quieter than those in the island's more heavily populated areas.

Seasons treasure town on the town of Bao Grand Hotel is located in Nantou County, scenic spots on the link pivot point Puli Township, regardless of the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Sun Moon Lake, Jiji, the water snake kiln, Puli Winery, middle Zen Temple, Chingjing, Lushan, Auwanta maple, acacia mountains are quite convenient, and has more than 300 luxury suites very large resort hotel in Nantou area as the first, with sPA, swimming pool, oven, KTV club, large DISCO dance floor, Shaoxing treasure wild town hall, Chinese and Western Parkway cafeteria, Torii Ryuzo HUMANITIES magazine cafe, conference hall can accommodate 300 people, all kinds of small and medium sized conference rooms and other recreation, leisure and meeting facilities.
The area is particularly famous for the many varieties of oolong tea, including fulu tea, jinsyuan tea and red oolong tea, and the local couple who run A-Rong will be more than happy to teach you more about it, as well as carrying out traditional Taiwanese tea ceremonies for visitors.

Savor your favorite dishes with special cuisines from Formosa Naruwan Galaxy Hotel Taitung exclusively for you. The hotel was near the nightmarket. Many Taiwanese swear that Chishang-area rice is Taiwan's best, and around the island you'll see signs above small eateries proclaiming Chishang Biandang.
East Rift Valley is an important rice production area in Taiwan. The Papago International Resort (Rihui Guoji Jiudian) is located a ten-minute drive from Chihshang Train Station and a 60-minute drive from Taitung Airport. With the gentle sunlight and cooling temperatures, now is the best time of the year to ride a bike in Taitung, known for its scenic views and for having the best air in the country.

From the hotel, Taitung Airport is approximately 19km away. Formosa Naruwan Galaxy Hotel Taitung is a hotel with great comfort and excellent service according to most hotel's guests. Furthermore, the island's only legally registered hot air balloons, codenamed B00001 and B00002, were purchased from Spain as part of the Taitung County government's efforts to enrich Taiwan's hot air balloon scene.
The hotel is just 15km away from Taitung Airport. Taitung is located in Taiwan's East Rift Valley, and is popular for its beaches, natural parks, and authentic local aboriginal culture. Nestled in southeastern Taiwan, between the towering Central Mountain region and Pacific Ocean, the remoteness of Taitung is the key to its beauty and mystique.

With some of Taiwan's most beautiful coasts, mountains, valleys, etc., Taitung Seashore Park has grown to become a preferred travel destination of many tourists. Visitors to Taitung will find that the Rainbow Hotel is a fantastic accommodation choice. The Sunrise Hotel & Resort Taimali is an ideal choice for travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Taitung.
Located off the eastern coast of Taiwan, Green Island is a natural hub for endless outdoor activities. We hope to enable you to have a good browsing experience in t

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