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Tourist complex inserted in a beautiful place surrounded by ancient Araucarias, has complete facilities to ensure your entertainment, such as ski fields, lifts, apartments, hosteria, cafeteria-restaurant, all designed for you and your family enjoy an unforgettable vacation.
The menu is extensive and flexible, based on French cuisine but using Chilean ingredients, including starters, sandwiches, breakfasts, Sushi typical French tartars, main courses prepared with seafood, different types of meat and vegetables, and French pastry.

On Friday and Saturday, a dance floor is taken at the bar, with 80's and 90's music; From Monday to Friday you can choose the CATHEDRAL COCKTAIL from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., which consists of a cocktail of the letter + an individual portion of dishes to share.
One is located in Quinta de Tilcoco VI Region, the second and main, in the Santa Ana farm, Talagante, Metropolitan Region, where there are modern facilities to carry out the processes of fermentation, processing, aging and bottling of its still and sparkling wines Ancient and fresh underground cellars dating from its founding in the nineteenth century, make up the perfect environment for the aging of our Reserva wines, where an experienced winemaking team and modern facilities allow Undurraga to produce wines of internationally recognized quality to satisfy the most diverse palates.
CARNAL also has a selected Raw Bar that offers exquisite products brought from different corners of the world, such as the Chilean Sea Bass and the Lobster of the Caribbean. The history of Valle Nevado begins in 1987 and in 1988 the doors of this ski center are opened, located in the middle of the Andes, inspired by the winter resort Les Arcs and the winter resorts of France.

Handpicked by a Chile Local Expert, we bring you our guide to 'Museums and Parks in Santiago de Chile - a day of culture, history and art'. Handpicked by a Chile Local Expert, we bring you our guide to 'Best luxury hotels in Santiago de Chile'. Located in Santiago, 4.1 miles from Parque Araucano, and Costanera Center reachable within 6 miles, La Reina offers a garden, a shared lounge and free WiFi.
During the early years of Chilean independence, the so-called Patria Vieja , Chileans celebrated with empanadas , chicha and red wine , which is still traditional today at the annual celebrations of independence. Our cuisine offers vegetarian food to our customers for a better diet.

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