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Reasons Why The Swiss Have The CBD Hub Of Europe

The only CBD oils from guaranteed pollutant-free Swiss cultivation to be awarded the Bio-Knospe: SwissExtract CBD Oil for you and CBD Pet Oil for your pet. In the EU, the maximum permitted THC content in most countries is 0.2-0.3%. Some of the products sold by goldengreen in Switzerland are therefore not legal abroad and we strictly advise against carrying such products abroad without prior clarification.
Among the terpenes with a medical effect contained in the full spectrum CBD oil are alpha-pinenes (anti-inflammatory), beta-caryophyllenes (alleviation of intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome), limonene (against skin irritations and possibly cancer) and myrcene (calming and anti-inflammatory).
CBD Öl in Bio Suisse Demeter Qualität, Hanf Tropfen, Cannabis Blüten, CBD für Tiere. Vapor Spirit ist spezialisiert auf die Herstellung von Bio CBD Cannabidiol Produkten aus garantiert schadstofffreiem Schweizer Anbau.

According to the Narcotics Traffic Act (Gesetz über den Verkehr mit Betäubungsmitteln” in German), cannabis can also be seen a s non-narcotic, provided that its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content does not exceed 0,2 % and that it is used solely for commercial or scientific purposes (other than cultivation) which prevent its abuse for intoxication 16 This law should be enough to make CBD products legal to market, nontheless the law goes into more detail, putting further requirements on CBD produts.
We process the data of our customers according to the data protection regulations of the federal government (Data Protection Act, DSG) and the EU-DSGVO, within the framework of bio cbd öl schweiz the ordering processes in our online shop, in order to enable them to select and order the selected products and services, as well as their payment and delivery, or execution.

So when you buy over the Internet, you need to look out for other stores and be careful; always make sure you buy from a trusted store (e.g. a certified supplier) where you can find European CBD products with a THC content of 0.2% or less, such as BioCBD, where you can continue to buy the organic certified Amazon bestseller "Gift of Nature" CBD oil drops with 5% or 8% CBD.
Since full spectrum oil is a natural product, it goes without saying that BioCBD oil (in the best case with an organic certificate, as is the case with "Gift of Nature" CBD oil from BioCBD) is preferable to other products in terms of quality and purity.

Love Hemp 2000mg is an affordable mid-strength extract at just £99.99. We recommend this 20% concentrate because it allows you to try a fairly strong, broad-spectrum oil for less and with the guarantee that it is 100% THC free. In a former nursery on the outskirts of Zeiningen AG is now one of the largest hemp plants in Europe in the making.

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