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Louisville, Alcohol Treatment & Drug Addiction Recovery

A faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program for men and women 18 & up. Located in central Louisville, Ky. and a division of Centerstone Kentucky — a regional treatment provider addiction treatment Louisville with facilities in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee — the center is among the 28.4 percent of Kentucky facilities that offer specialized programming for pregnant clients.
This is accomplished through Clinical Evaluation, Education, Counseling and Therapeutic Intervention with children, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples, families, blended families, parents, voluntary and court-ordered individuals, probationers and parolees, child protective services, vocational rehabilitation, employers, schools, private agencies and many others who seek assistance.

According to a 2013 national survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20.2 million people reported needing addiction treatment but did not get it. Eight percent of those people said they had health coverage that either only partially covered drug treatment or didn't cover it at all.
In 2013, of the 20.2 million people surveyed in the U.S. who said they needed treatment for drug addiction but did not seek it, 9 percent said they didn't get help because they didn't know where to go. And eight percent said they didn't have transportation to treatment or it was in an inconvenient location.
In this session, we will increase the comfort and capacity of providers to address the needs of clients who have unintended pregnancies by teaching an effective model for making quality referrals, exploring barriers to accessing reproductive healthcare, and covering a framework for options counseling conversations that prioritizes client-centered care.

The State provides a hotline number where residents who have substance abuse problems, or their families may call for help with Louisville rehab Here, they may learn about addiction treatment options available and what actions they need to take to find a suitable program that will specifically address their needs.
While in treatment, residents will participate in scheduled therapy groups, processing groups, and extracurricular activities everyday from 8 am to 5:30 pm. Having a rigorously structured environment allows for individuals to remain focused on their recovery and reduces the risk of a relapse.

The professional care we provide at Cornerstone of Recovery is designed to help patients understand the nature of their affliction; heal them from the turmoil they've inflicted through their drug use; and move forward in a way that sustains long-term recovery with the peace of mind necessary to accept life without the use of drugs.
Our mission is to provide leadership, in partnership with others, to prevent disability, build resilience in individuals and their communities, and facilitate recovery for people whose lives have been affected by mental illness, intellectual disability or other developmental disability, or substance abuse.
Payment plan: Sometimes paying for the entirety of a treatment program upfront can be daunting, which is why many recovery programs will allow people to pay for treatment in smaller installments. Since its inception in 1975 as Louisville's first specialty hospital dedicated to the treatment of alcoholism and other drug addictions, the Addiction Recovery Center has served over 300,000 people with addictions.

As a Kentucky Passport rehab provider, Stepworks offers a number of advantages in our detox and

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