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Learn The Right Way To Give Feedback

Praising our children for good behavior is natural, and it should be done when warranted. Similarly, employees who have an external locus of control , meaning they believe that events in their life are controlled primarily by external events over which they have no control, are more likely to disengage from a task entirely when given negative feedback.
Your peers and supervisors want you to know that you have room for improvement and that they believe by giving you feedback, you will understand where you need feedback training to focus more on, making you a valuable asset to the team. They may feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the criticism, and they may take it personally.

Having been made aware of her behaviour, she chose to change it. Mary had also, casually or not, given feedback in line with all the rules: it was about Jane's recent behaviour, and so was specific and timely, and showed how Mary perceived it. It was also at a good moment, when Jane was relaxed and open to discussion.
Balancing the negatives with positive feedback will get a much more attentive response and your staff should take on board and appreciate the fact that you are trying to improve their performance as well as encouraging them when they are doing things well.

Although the universal teacher lament that there's no time for such feedback is understandable, remember that "no time to give and use feedback" actually means "no time to cause learning." As we have seen, research shows that less teaching plus more feedback is the key to achieving greater learning.
In a review of the available research titled The Power of Feedback ,” University of Auckland professors Helen Timperley and John Hattie highlight the importance of supplying learners with specific information about what they are doing right or wrong.

Keep in mind differences in personality It might be more difficult for some people to overcome a fixed mindset than others, but if you can honestly say you would not be offended receiving your feedback, it's a good sign you've planned your delivery well.
You are essentially asking for feedback on your feedback — as well as ensuring that your employees understand how to proceed. And when feedback is given effectively it is one of the most powerful tools in a manager's toolkit for building trust, performance, and motivation in their team.

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