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Tshiluba is a member of the Bantu language family spoken by about six million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it is one of the national languages along with Lingála, Kiswahili and Kikongo. It is the mother tongue of the peoples living on the East coast of Africa, between south Somalia to north Mozambique, by way of the islands of Pate, Lamu, Pemba, Zanzibar, and Mafia; from east to west, it is spoken from Tanzania and Kenya through the interior of Congo (ex-Zaïre), up to Uganda, Burundi, Zambia and Malawi.
For almost two centuries Swahili speakers naturally borrowed their words from Arabic (which was the cultural, religious and commercial language), then later from English (which was the colonial, cultural, educative, scientific and technical language).

Language names are presently English only, spelled as in ISO 639-2 (if present; otherwise common English spelling). The agreement prefixes of the adjectives are identical to the class prefixes of the nouns with which they agree. Being a polyglot means subjecting yourself to hours of music and movies you don't normally like just because they are the only ones you can find in your target language.
Mr. Leitao founded Batoto Yetu - the name means ''our children'' in the Zairian pronunciation of a Swahili phrase - in 1990 on a New York City playground. In its basic vocabulary, Lingala has many borrowings from different other languages such as in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

There are also words of German, Portuguese, English, Hindi and French origin in Swahili due to contact with traders, slavers and colonial officials. Swahili does not differentiate between definite or indefinite nouns, and neither does it distinguish between masculine or feminine for names of people.
In spite of the many dialects spoken throughout the DRC, four national languages predominate. Language classifications are sometimes controversial (it has been said that a language is a dialect with a Navy). French is an official language spoken across most of the Congo Free State, but if you want to give your dog an authentic name, go with a Lingala word.

Lingala is the main lingua franca (common language) thanks in part to former President Mobutu, who made speeches in Lingala and popularized it in the civil service It also became the language of preference in the army and in Congolese music. Lingala was made the official language of the army under Mobutu, but since the rebellions, the army has also used Swahili in the east.

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