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Every fashion brand today needs a content marketing agency that creatively advantages social media, includes the latest technology and develops content that accelerates sales. JW: One brand we're super excited about right now is an activewear brand coming out of Canada called Lolë They have this wonderful experiential marketing platform called the Lolë White Tour 5,000-10,000 people all come together and do a yoga class in an iconic setting.
Marc Duron oversees and leads PMK•BNC's Digital Creative Services division, VOWEL, and is responsible for the development of digital strategy, social influencer marketing, content creation and creative ideation for clients spanning a wide range of categories.

Recently, we gave the filmmakers of Ice Age a new social strategy to attract top talent, created a radical SUPER BOWL VIII campaign, built an explosive digital brand for USA Today , rebranded a $2B media giant, launched a pop-tart challenger, and more.
B-Reel touts themselves as being a hybrid production company, specialized in the field of advanced digital production for web, mobile, physical installations and other media.” Their ability to create inventive pieces of digital content has set the bar for what's capable on the web.
The Laundry by Shelli Segal Marketing Manager oversees the Marketing strategy for this women's fashion lifestyle brand. Whilst many people yearn to own shoes produced by the luxury brands like Prada and Vera Wang, not many are able to afford them. It's really important from a marketing standpoint that brands are able to pop up in different markets and test where they resonate while not being handcuffed to a huge overhead.
We bring brands to life from concept to engagement with expertise that rises above conventional marketing. Buyers have their very own exclusive values that replicate their cultural fashion advertising agency New York and socioeconomic backgrounds - in addition to their cumulative publicity to influences through the media, social media marketing and working day-to-working day existence.

Your fashion content marketing agency should also pertain to a social media marketing team, which will possess the capability of handling your website's ROI on various social media channels. You won't meet another group of marketers who are more passionate about making you the number one company in your brand category than Social Media 55.
Over the years, it has become a source and a platform to discover and promote cutting edge fashion designers through runway shows and exhibitions, as well as a vital point to connect business to business. At the same time, a new generation of socially responsible shoppers is seeking out retailers and brands who make sustainability a priority.

With a rich history in brand design and development, DTE brings an expertise to new founders, startups and heritage brands looking to refresh. Easy-to-use platform - Tracks 7,000+ fashion and beauty brands - Used by 2,500+ brands. Models of every type have started to leverage the relatability And big on the internet followings of influencers all through fashion week.

2. Creative input sessions begin outlining what your company wants, needs and expects, and the exhibit builders begins the design process which they often say is included in their service. We design and build customized websites that compliment and serve your New York business needs from e-commerce to a service-oriented platform.

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