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Digital Signs & Display Systems

SignSite is a leader in conceptualising, designing, building and installing digital signage display systems. After 10 years in the signage industry, we felt that the latest technologies were not being evolved into the advanced and pioneering digital display products we had in mind, so we decided to create our own revolutionary digital signage company, known today as Empowered Vision.
We offer a wide range of products, including information displays, digital signage for advertising, commercial system air conditioners, digital signage screen wholesaler VRF systems & tailored solutions for different vertical markets. State of the art indoor and outdoor LED digital display screens.

First generation of digital signage display utilize LED board, projection screens or other emerging display types like interactive surfaces or organic LED screens ( OLED ). A dot matrix display digital signage will relay the information within a database.
With the profit margins razor thin for the gas station and convenience store owners, digital signage at the gas pump is the most cost effective method of attracting customers attention and getting them inside the store to make additional purchases once they have filled their tank full of gas.

APN Outdoor turned to technology partners Techmedia and Barco, and after more than two years of approvals and planning, the 121-foot-wide, 11-foot-high (37 meters by 3.5 meters) sign launched in September 2008 across from Melbourne's busy Flinders Street Station, atop the historic Young & Jackson Hotel.
Context-aware digital signage leverages technologies such as sensors, cameras, beacons, RFID technologies, software programs and network connectivity including the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor the ambient environment, process information and deliver promotional messages based on environmental cues.
LED Signs and LED Displays are the most cost effective form of advertising available. Our experience is why the world turns to Daktronics as the leader in digital OOH advertising. The outdoor digital kiosks provide a flexible rate board for their parking spaces along with the ability to customise content delivered to their customers on arrival.

Voxson has the largest fleet of Full Colour (graphics, video & text) mobile LED Signs for hire in Australia. Once you set up your outdoor digital sign, you need to populate this sign with content Given the nature of outdoor digital signs, these screens are often hard to access.
CV Media & Signage are a national provider of customised visual solutions and leading experts of digital signage in Sydney. Digital Signage made simple, let us assist with selecting the right signage solution for YOU. Engagis outdoor screens and enclosures are designed to withstand the elements and stand out for your business.

Our LED screens offer a powerful way to promote special offers, advertise new car models and promote sales. With over 25 years of industry experience, Microhire is capable of providing the very best solutions when it comes to digital signage. Choose among a wide range of models including Solar radar speed signs, 240 volt powered speed limit signs with Smiley face radar signs, Trailer mounted electronic speed signs and many others.

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