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Digital Signages

Nowadays, Digital Signage and Information displays are becoming a real trend in every sector. A Neilson study found that digital signage increases the revenue at the point of sale: Four out of five product brands experienced significant increases of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of DOOH (Digital Out of Home) media compared to other POS media.
Whether utilising digital sign boards as a form of POS at a retail premises, showcasing what your business has to offer in hospitality digital signage display tv or simply providing information for visitors, digital signage is an ideal visual communication tool that works for all sectors.

Designed for use on high impact digital video walls to single digital signage reception screens, dynamic museum touch screens to hospitality menu boards through to free standing retail displays and wall mounted tablets, Sedao Digital Signage offers flexibility for all communication needs.
EXTRA WIDE GRAPHICS - Printers with wide format printing capability are able to offer mesh print, blue black paper and PVC banners for large scale long lasting outdoor applications including advertising billboards, construction hoardings and building wraps for on-site promotions.

Digital signage can be one of the most impactful shopper marketing technologies in use in retail today; it can deliver the right message to the right place, at the right time, and in the right format; it has the power to impact sales, build brands and improve the customers' experience.
Whatever you call it: Retail TV, Electronic Billboards, Dynamic Digital Signage, Narrowcasting, Electronic Display Networks, Digital In-Store Merchandising, Out-of-Home Media Networks, Employee TV, Captive Audience Networks, or Digital Media Networks.
High quality NEC 46″ LCD screens were installed in the Banking Halls: the Media Wall situated behind the curved counter in the hall features NEC LCD screens, with options for the BBC News Channel via Freeview or up to date customer information and promotional videos via a Programmed DENON Pro-DVD Player.

You need a solution that addresses the fast growing need for digital signage displays in areas within the public eye, providing an effective form of advertising, information, communication or entertainment - you really need to be exploiting this, now.
Delivering you quality, exceptional functionality and reliable LED solutions, that command attention and motivate people. ScreenCloud's digital signage software makes it easier than ever for you to put meaningful content on any screen, in any location. Each module consists of a series of high quality LEDs spaced evenly apart to create different resolutions.

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