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Confederate Flag For Sale

If you're looking for a Confederate flag for sale look no further. Add in the feedback cycle of tailored social media and news sources, and the United States could see a polarized populace still fighting over a cultural and political divide with roots dating more than 150 years, when the Confederate battle flag was first raised in rebellion.
The Isonhoods were the first stop of my May 2018 listening tour of Mississippi with photographer Kate Medley to ask flag supporters in our home state why they still support a symbol that represents so much pain, division and difficult history - even as they urge black Americans to get over their resistance to it.

The following year, amidst dwindling demands for the return of the 1956 design ("Battle Flag" version) and lesser opposing demands for the continued use of the new "Barnes'" design, the Georgia General Assembly redesigned the flag yet again; it adopted a "compromise" design using the 13-star First National Flag of the Confederacy (the "Stars and Bars"), combined with a simplified version of Georgia's state seal placed within the circle of 13 stars on the flag's canton.
Symbols of the Confederacy remain a contentious issue across the United States and their civic placement has been debated vigorously in many southern U.S. state legislatures since the early 1990s, such as the effort that led to the replacement of Georgia's flag in 2001.
Across three beautifully shot and edited episodes, the full spectrum of Davis' life comes into view: from his frontier origins and service to the United States as military officer, congressman, secretary of war, and two-term senator from Mississippi; to his rise and fall as Confederate President; through his unlawful two year imprisonment after the War; and finally covering his 25 years as a man struggling to find his place in a world in which it was no longer clear what it meant to be an American.

Despite never having historically represented the Confederate States of America as a country, nor having been officially recognized as one of its national flags, the rectangular Second Confederate Navy Jack and the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia are now flag types commonly referred to as the Confederate Flag.
This bill would prohibit the State of California from selling or displaying the Battle Flag of the Confederacy, or a similar image, or tangible personal property civil war flag inscribed with those images, unless the image appears in a book, digital medium, or state museum that serves an educational or historical purpose.

The Confederate States of America (CSA) originally used three national flags during the American Civil War. The 1st National Flag (The Stars & Bars), changed after it was considered too close in design to the US flag, especially when furled. His Gettysburg Regimental Quartermaster store, near a historic Civil War battlefield, and website sells $400 handmade flags to re-enactors and $40 ones shipped from China.

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