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Coconut Butter

Coconut water recipes for breakfast shakes are a great way to start your day for three reasons. I'm just curious if anyone knows why flaked works better than shredded, I just thought since it would be worked down to a shredded form anyhow, but I will start getting the flakes instead of shredded and instead of using coconut milk and oil in my coffee maybe I'll see how just adding the Coconut Butter works.
But if you would eat organic naturally grown food such as organic butter, bitter sweet chocolate, coconut fat - be it coconut milk or any form of organic coconut, nuts whatever they are, except peanuts - so you can have cashews, macadamia, pecans, Brazil nuts etc.

Soooo… just like you will be, I was happy to discover that with nothing more than a good food processor (or Vitamix) and some organic desiccated coconut, you can whip yourself up a big batch of your own coconut butter in around 15 minutes (more or less depending on the quality of your processor or blender).
If you can keep your spoon out of the jar, this versatile spread bursting with natural coconut flavour can be enjoyed on your toast, drizzled over granola, in baking, sauces like satay sauce, as a thickener to a curry, smoothie and even alcoholic drinks.

In the big scheme of things it would've been easier to just order coconut butter from amazon for $13 ( since my local TJ and Wholefoods don't carry this and I'm not about to run all over town looking for it) because I just wasted an hour and $9 worth of ingredients on this task.
Coconut butter CAN be made with just shredded coconut alone. Customers went nuts for the drinks , so they started selling coconut butter by the jar. Also, if it's not getting smooth, add a little melted virgin coconut oil to the blender. Add one tablespoon oil and one tablespoon butter.

That's why you want to pour the homemade coconut butter into a storage container right away after making it. You don't want it to solidify in your food processor making it almost impossible to remove later on. First of all, don't try to make tiny batches; the coconut flakes will fly to the sides of the food processor instead of sticking together.
But many of the studies that have linked saturated fat to heart issues have been flawed and studies showing that coconut oil is unhealthy seem to be done on heated and refined coconut oil rather than raw virgin. If you only have a food processor, the butter will take about 8 to 10 minutes to be ready, although you'll get the same result.

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