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A-1 Concrete Leveling's patented technology is similar to what you may know as Mudjacking, but there are some significant differences. Mudjacking (or Mud Jacking), sometimes called concrete raising, concrete lifting, slabjacking, or concrete stabilization is a very straightforward, cost effective and efficient concrete repair process which involves injecting concrete material into a 2 inch hole below sunken concrete slabs.
Most concrete driveway leveling projects are completed in just one day. Mudjacking is a great solution to raising concrete. You can repair a seawall with HydroFOAM: fill voids, stabilize loose soils and seal leaks at a fraction of the cost of wall replacement.

All work should be done through a trained, professional mud jacking contractor who has excellent knowledge of local soil conditions. Pumping the wrong thickness of slurry often leaves cavities under the slab and could even break the slab during concrete leveling.
Look at what can be done by using our concrete leveling process. If we can't get your slabs even or if you are unsatisfied with our work for any reason, you don't have to pay us until the job is complete and you are satisfied. Give our office a call today to request a free estimate or more information about our concrete repair services.

Robert is a husband, father, local business owner, and mudjacking pro. After leveling your concrete driveway, we offer a three-step process for ensuring the longest possible driveway life: wash, seal & caulk. We provide free estimates and evaluations for all concrete lifting projects.
Once we have raised your concrete slab up to its correct height, we will fill the holes and clean up the job site. Mud jacking is effective for heavier concrete structures when used in conjunction with slab piers. Established in 1988, AAA Concrete Raising Company brings the monster” truck of the industry to every job.

Next, let's look at the cost of a new concrete slab For a 200 square-foot slab, that could cost more $2,000. My name is Bart Smith, owner of Southern Colorado area Crackerjack Mud Jacking. Our goal is to be the first choice for concrete repair solutions by offering superior service, rapid response time and unsurpassed workmanship.
It's also critical to have an experienced contractor like A-1 Concrete Leveling to repair any uneven issues. We are a proven foundation lifting , concrete Mudjacking Denver leveling and trenchless sewer contractor with an impeccable track record and over 22 years of experience and thousands of projects completed.

Our polyurethane foam jacking solution in Denver will move to fill all voids underneath a sunken concrete slab, effectively restoring the concrete to its original level position. No-one has more experience lifting sinking or sunken concrete in Denver than Alpine Companies.
If any of these situations sound familiar to you, Advanced Mudjacking Inc. If one of your slabs is shattered into multiple pieces, it cannot be repaired or re-leveled. With over 22 years' experience in concrete repair, soil stabilization, water control, pavement realignment, and infrastructure rehabilitation, makes CST the leader in our industry.

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