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Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

In addition, many Bluetooth speakers — notably speakers under 100 dollars — are starting to offer a lot more bang for your buck with voice command capabilities and even the ability to access personal assistant programs like Alexa and Google. Equally water-proof as well as drop resistant, the robust speaker pumps out impressive acoustics for as much as 14 hours so the celebration can carry on long in to the night time - because you and your particular acquaintances will love this highly recommended speaker.
There's a built-in mic located inside A7 speakers, it allows to wirelessly pick up calls and read messages from Google Voice Assistant or Siri App; Loudest bluetooth speaker under 100 make your calls hands-free when connected to Douni A7, answer or reject calls by voice commands instantly without reaching out to your smartphone.

Consider it the Toyota Camry of portable Bluetooth speakers—if the Camry were styled like a Corvette, that is. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the Roll 2 goes in and out of stock often, and UE has told us that the model will, in the not-too-distant future, be replaced or updated, which is why it's no longer our top pick.
We were impressed that the KEF Muo could play pretty loud and still sounded good, of course there was some bass reduction already and very hot mixes tended to distort slightly, but dynamic compression was well under control and the overall result was pretty satisfying.

The design also enhances the bass and volume output and gives a weighty feel to the music - you can crank this speaker up to 60% of max volume and it will easily fill your living room with a concert, making it the loudest bluetooth speaker you can find in this price range.
The speaker is about the size of the Soundlink III, but flatter, more rounded and lighter as well, but this thing plays down below 50Hz and most improtant it is not an artifically boosted bass like on most Bose speakers, but rather flat bass response, at least up to medium levels.
There really is only one major factor to weigh in on your decision which is whether you will be using them for indoor or outdoor uses, if the answer is the latter you will obviously want to seek out a suitably waterproofed model that is lightweight and portable but also durable enough to withstand accidental dropping.

We also liked the fact that the speaker comes with a built in HD microphone for hands free calls, which means that you can switch between listening to music and taking calls on the go. The entire package comes with a power adapter, audio cable and user manual for detailed instructions.
If you're planning to bring the house down with your favorite playlist, here's the Bluetooth speaker equipped to do so. And not only that, it's aptX enabled, meaning you can stream high-quality audio without fear of losing the integrity of the sound.

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