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Asturias Travel Guide

The Barceló is one of your smartest choices for an upmarket stay in Asturias' capital. This cosy, modern hotel blends a superb location in central Oviedo, just metres from the Cathedral and the city's shopping centre, with fine dining and free Wi-Fi.Enjoy comfortable accommodation at Hotel El Magistral, where you will find tastefully-decorated, elegant rooms, with full air conditioning and satellite TV.Spend the day discovering Oviedo's lively city centre.
Asturian sidra is famous throughout Spain and, in Oviedo, there is an entire street dedicated to it. The Calle Gascona is at the edge of the Old Town and provides visitors with a cultural experience like no other because sidra is not simply a drink; it is an event.

Looking at their website, it seems that their cachopo has indeed received numerous awards I'll get to what cachopo is below, but like every restaurante other restaurant on this list, Las Tablas del Campillin is a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awardee with a solid 4-star rating.

There are coach routes to most towns in Asturias and the North of Spain, as well as Madrid and some other Spanish large cities, like Sevilla and Barcelona International coach routes link Oviedo daily with Paris , Brussels and Genève There is a Tourist Information Office at the bus station (tel.
My favourites where the Gamonéu (which I remember describing like eating a ‘wet cave'), the Cabrales (a super strong blue cheese, too strong for Nick's liking to buy it though) and the Queso Ahumado de Pría, which I brought for home as it's a great firm cheese with a delicious smoky flavour.

The Primitive Cachopo of La Mar y Morena of Oviedo, made with PGI Ternera Asturiana” (Asturian Veal), won the 2017 award for the Best Cachopo of Asturias made with PGI Ternera Asturiana” (Asturian Veal) (seal that guarantees Protected Geographical Indication).
You are then treated to a short guided tour of the city ( the cathedral, with its magnificent stained glass windows, the Romanesque facade of San Isidro with storks nesting above it.) Once on the train you travel up the Torio Valley to Mattallana, at the base of the mountains.
Enjoy a brisk early morning walk along the coast and head up to Parque del Cerro de Santa Catalina for spectacular views over the ocean and a chance to admire the bold sculpture 'Elogio del Horizonte', before making your way back into the city to explore Plaza Mayor (one of the prettiest plazas in Spain some say) and the surrounding streets.

There's that excitement, daydreaming about the drinks and food you want to savor again, the incessant talking about it to your partner, and then even some brief moments of panic wondering What if they're not there anymore!?!… Yeah, I experienced all of that.
The city, immortalised by Leopoldo Alas Clarín in La Regenta”, hosts the Prince of Asturias Awards (the Spanish equivalent to the Nobel prizes), and houses the largest amount of pre-Romanesque Asturian monuments, which were declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

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