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There is an ongoing PBS TV series (also several books and also a website) called "Closer To Truth". Ditto Music is an award-winning global music distribution and record label services company, supporting over 150,000 artists and labels worldwide, with 22 offices across 19 countries, and over 100 on-hand staff to help support and promote your music globally.
I've heard that at some major labels 20 years ago, they'd literally scribble out columns of numbers for artist royalties because artists would never know, and labels could get all the money, completely manipulate however they want and pay out whatever they want.

It's just exchanging what you have (skills, money, goods, crops, etc.) for what you need or want (money, food, sex, other goods and services, etc.). That trait, bartering, buying and selling, exchanging goods and services has gone on seemingly as far back in history as records allow for.
When asked why Liverpool was their choice for a business base, it soon becomes clear that they wanted to escape from Birmingham, as Matt admits that there are a lot of talented artists there, but a very old school music industry mentality exists and there's not enough support for artists”.

We're focused on sending digital up to rival the labels properly, and what we've found is that actually it hasn't been that hard, with the support we've been getting from stores like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, around the world. Speaking to MBW, Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons (pictured) said that Ditto will be doing everything a publisher does, from signing acts to collecting royalties all over the world”.
Last year, Ditto paid out more than $100 million to artists. Ditto Music claims it paid out a whopping $100 million to artists as royalties in 2019 and it plans to create a publishing arm that will function alongside the Bluebox solution. Interestingly, Ditto Music has stated categorically that its blockchain solution is different from other DL-based rights databases, as it already has a use case, which is to eliminate the data management issues plaguing the music industry.

Announced at the end of January by CEO Lee Parsons, the label services give independent artists extra help with their releases by offering priority access to pluggers, reviewers and Ditto's own In House promotional team on an as ad hoc basis. Although we are still totally committed to providing the best online distribution service on the market, the London office will give us a dedicated facility to focus on the new label services.

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